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KaTENna High Gain Cubesat Antenna, 1m+

Deployable Satellite Antenna

Key Features

  • Proto-Flight completed December 2017

    • RF testing at 36 GHz complete

    • Measured 49.2 dBi gain at 36 GHz

    • ​Packaging, deployment, surface repeatability testing complete

  • Effective aperture = 1m (Baseline design)

  • Mass = 2.5 kg (reflector, boom and feed)

  • Packaged volume = 3U (10x10x30cm)

  • Offset fed, f/D = 0.75

  • Multiple feed options, including center fed

  • Scalable to 2-5m apertures

  • Applications

    • RF Communications

    • Active radar (weather, SAR)

    • Radiometer (ocean surface winds)

  • US Patent 10,256,530 B2

Space Antenna Data Sheet
Download Data Sheet PDF

KaPDA High Gain Cubesat Antenna

Kapda - Gimbal

-Tendeg is the exclusive licensee of NASA JPL’s KaPDA Ka-Band antenna

-All testing complete, NASA JPL RainCube flight in May 2018

-Patent Pending

-0.5m Deployed Aperture

-1.6U Stowed Volume

-42.7 dB Gain

-With modifications to subreflector and feed, antenna can be made to operate at S, C, X, Ku, and K bands

-Communication and radar applications

Deployable Satellite Antenna
Antenna Data Sheet
Download Data Sheet PDF
KaPDA - Gimbal

KaPDA 2-Axis Gimbal

  • Can track LEO to GEO, LEO to ground, LEO to LEO.

  • Integrated gimbal controller with serial interface.

  • 50 to 100 cm diameter reflector options available.

  • Polarization capabilities: RHCP, LHCP, V and H.

  • RF tested to 51 GHz. Options at X, Ku, K, Ka, Q, and V bands.

  • Vibration tested to 8.69 Grms.

  • Antenna is TRL 9: KaPDA launched July 2018 to LEO.  Deployment and radar operations fully successful.

  • Gimbal assembly is TRL 6.  First flight scheduled Q3 2022.

  • LNA and PA can be directly attached to feed to reduce RF losses.

  • Elevation axis can be counterbalanced such that center of gravity is static during gimballed antenna operations.

  • US Patent 10,256,530 B2 and pending US 62/782,599.

Download Data Sheet PDF
70 cm Antenna Deployment

TENSAR High Aspect Ratio SAR Antenna

  • Tensegrity Synthetic Aperture Radar

  • Designed for ESPA class bus; pictured 1 x 1 x 1 m

  • Baseline design is 1.4 x 7 m effective aperture

  • Scalable to larger apertures

  • Stows in 1.4 x 0.5 x .2 m volume

  • > 1 Hz deployed first mode and < 25 kg mass

  • Baseline C-band feed allows 43 dB gain

  • Net shaping allows surface precision up to Ka-Band

  • Reflecting surface can be gold wire mesh, passive reflect array membrane, rigid panels

  • TRL 6 by Sept 2022 under NASA SBIR PHII-E

  • US Patent 11,239,567 B

Download Data Sheet PDF

Perimeter Truss Reflector 1.5 - 15m

Key Features

  • 3m Prototype completed March 2023

    • X-band directivity = 48.92 dB

    • ​Packaging, deployment, surface repeatability testing complete

  • Offset fed, F/d from 0.6 to 1.0

  • Scalable to 1.5 to 15m apertures

  • Operating frequencies from VHF to Ka-band

  • Applications

    • RF Communications

    • Active radar (weather, SAR)

    • Scanning and tracking

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