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KaTENna 1m High Gain Cubesat Antenna

KaPDA 0.5m High Gain Cubesat Antenna

KaPDA Gimbal Antenna 50-100 cm



For JPL we are developing and building a novel antenna for the RainCube Follow-On Mission. For the JPL Starshade we are providing the main deployment and petal structural design and analysis. 


JPL RainCube Follow-On

JPL Starshade

JPL Europa 

Other Private Clients


Tendeg is a 30 person (and growing) company that just moved into a new location with office space and high-bay shop space in Louisville, CO. 

We provide high quality and innovative aerospace engineering services, including design, analysis, prototyping, and flight unit build. Our primary focus is space antennas and deployable structures.


If you have a hard problem involving a deployable structure or antenna, we can solve it for you.


If you need aperture in a small package for high bandwidth communications or radar applications, our products will provide it at unparalleled packaging sizes, weight, and performance.

Founding team:

Gregg Freebury, CEO

M.S./B.S., Aero-Astro Engineering, 1985, Stanford University

Gregg is CEO and a Principal Engineer at Tendeg and has over 30 years of experience  in aerospace and aircraft vehicle design, analysis, and test. He has held senior engineering  positions at Northrop-Grumman and Astro Aerospace. He is recognized for his advanced analysis skills including finite element methods for random vibration, shock, and nonlinear solutions.   

Neal Beidleman, Chief Engineer

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1981, University of Colorado

Neal has over 30 years of experience in mechanism, satellite solar array and satellite  vehicle design and test. He has held senior engineering positions at Ball Aerospace,  Interferometrics and Orbital. He is recognized for his advanced design skills using SolidWorks modeling. He has started several commercial companies based on  product designs he has created. He has designed and developed numerous commercial products including Black Diamonds undersnow breathing device, The Avalung, and holds multiple patents.


1772 Prairie Way, Unit A 

Louisville, CO 80027


Tel: 833-414-1868

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