The NASA/JPL KaPDA antenna was successfully deployed and operated in space for the first time recently on the RainCube mission! Tendeg is the exclusive licensee of KaPDA. On this radar mission, the antenna, named KaRPDA for Ka-band Radar Parabolic Deployable Antenna, was deployed on 7/28/2018 at 23:47:50 UTC. It successfully performed at mission parameters, identifying atmospheric water vapor.

Kapda deploy.jpg
Kapda deploy.jpg

Tendeg antennas made the cover of the March 2018 Small Satellites special issue of the Proceedings of the IEEE. The center and left antennas are Tendeg products.

In December 2017 Tendeg succesfully tested their 1 meter RainCube Follow On mission antenna in the JPL Near Field Chamber, demonstrating 49.2 dB gain at 36 GHz (Ka-band) performance.